General Rules: Since we are a small club, scheduling helps us to know when to have staff available, so thank you for doing this! Here are a few things to know about scheduling. Our system will not let you schedule an appointment within 2 hours on the same day. Let's say it is 3pm and you want to come in at 4:30 that day, the scheduler will not let you make an appointment that close. Also, at 8pm each night we check the schedule for the next day and block off the morning spots until the 1st appointment. This is so the trainer can go to bed expecting to start at a certain time and not be surprised with an appointment someone scheduled at midnight.



Small Group Personal Training Appointments


Please note that it is far easier to schedule using the app. Below are a few ways to schedule.   Also, click here for videos about scheduling online, using the app, and overcoming a common problem when trying to make appointments online.

1) Using the app Mindbody Connect (available for free on iphone and android), search for Foundation Strength. Click on Schedule > Appointments >  Small Group PT > Any Staff and choose your time/date.

2) OR ON THIS PAGE USING THE NEW APPOINTMENT FINDER BELOW! Simply leave it set to "All instructors" select the day and hit the "Search" button below the calendar. Select the day and time for your appointment. You may be asked to login if you are not.


3) Over the phone or when you are leaving your appointment (if you know the exact time ahead of time) If we are on the floor and unable to pick up, please leave us a message.