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MAGED, Working Professional
Lost 100 pounds!

I had been on my fitness journey long before I found my way to Foundation Strength and Conditioning. As a child, and all throughout high school, I had been 100lbs over weight with a BMI well into the 40s. Finally in my second year of college, I decided to make a change and get healthy. I picked up running a couple times a week and severely restricted my caloric intake. I had lost 100lbs by the time I graduated and was happy that I finally “arrived” at my fitness goals.

Sadly, my first career job out of college was full of stress and included going out to lunch daily, multiple happy hours, and gatherings on the weekends full of food. I had gained most of my weight back and was miserable. I decided to go back to my tried and true routine of running 3x a week. After 8 months I had barely shed 10 pounds and was frustrated, depressed and ready to accept my life as a guy that was always going to be big.

My sister found Foundation and urged me to give it a chance. A last shot before disappearing into a world of size 44 jeans and XXL shirts. I snickered at her, telling her I had lost 100lbs on my own and could do it again. I didn’t need any help.

I am so glad I put my pride aside and decided to give Foundation and the trainers a shot. Not only did I reach my fitness goals (again), I made lasting relationships with the trainers, and fellow gym goers. I didn’t just lose weight at Foundation, the staff there helped me correct my diet, change my views on strength training and provided me tailored routines for my personalized fitness goals.

As they say, “there is no magic pill” for weight loss or muscle building (believe me I have looked long and hard). But Foundation will provide you the tools, support and environment to take your dedication, will power and hopes, and make it a reality. I am thankful that I was able to share my fitness journey with Foundation and their staff. I am truly a different person, inside and out.

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CASSIE, University student
World Kettle-bell (Bolt) Champion  2014

    Foundation is more than a gym; it is a family. Every last person at Foundation helps you in the path to self-improvement, be it the trainers creating personalized programs and providing assistance, or your fellow gym-goers pushing you to do your best in your workout and providing encouragement. The trainers at Foundation get to know you on a personal level and create a program that specifically suits each individual’s needs. With the clientele ranging from athletes improving for their sport to members who just want a good workout, from ages 7 to 81 there is definitely a spot for you.  I feel that through Foundation I have improved as not only an athlete, but as a person. I learned the virtues of hard work and dedication through my training at Foundation.

    I originally started working out at Foundation as a junior in high school looking to get stronger for pole vault, and hoping to make it to a collegiate level. Two years later I was vaulting on a NCAA Division 1 school, and was able to continue my training at Foundation over summer and winter breaks. After my sophomore year I quit track (due to an injury) and was encouraged by Foundation to pick up kettlebell sport. I spent this past summer training with kettle-bells and was able to make it to Nationals, and go on to place first in my weight class at Worlds. I wouldn’t even be close to these accomplishments without Foundation.  I owe a lot of thanks to Foundation for shaping me into the athlete and person that I am today. As a senior in college, one of the things I look forward to the most about coming back from school on breaks is the opportunity to come back to Foundation to workout.

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YOSHI, Graduate Student
Collegiate Football Player

Foundation Strength is the real deal. I first started working with Foundation the summer after my junior year in high school (in 2008!). I had pulled my hamstring pretty severely, an injury I had dealt with pretty frequently in my athletic career, and I only had a month to prepare before summer football practices. Within a week I was starting to feel better. Two weeks and my muscle was as good as new. However, I didn't anticipate making gains in my strength, speed, and flexibility. My senior football season was injury free thanks to Foundation.
    The next summer I trained with Foundation to prepare for my first college football season. Not only was I in excellent shape, but my training helped me earn a starting spot at cornerback. Unfortunately, I needed surgery after the season and once again I turned to Foundation for my rehab. The Foundation staff all helped me in my quest to return for my sophomore football season. Once again, I made gains! I made it back ready for my sophomore season and I was in the best shape of my life. I continued to excel on the field through my senior year, and earned various All-League honors. The best part: I've never pulled a hamstring since. Looking back at the past 6 years, the results have been life changing. Although I have moved out of California, I will carry the principles I learned at Foundation with me for the rest of my life.

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MIKE, Working Professional
Gained 20 pounds of muscle, while increasing flexibility

I joined Foundation in June 2012 after losing over 130 pounds in less than a year with medical help.  My goal had evolved from wanting to lose weight to wanting to become fit.  Over the years I had several big box gym memberships I hadn’t got much out of, and was searching for something different.  With the staff and personalized training I found what I was looking for at Foundation.  I’ve gained 20 pounds of muscle, greatly improved my flexibility and coordination. I’m now the fittest I’ve been in 25 years.  I now compete in Kettlebell Sport with the friends I’ve made at Foundation and love it.  My workouts at Foundation are typically the best part of my day.

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CARL (Super Carl), Retired
Even after a knee replacement he can Deadlift 450 pounds! Do you know anyone over the age of 70 that can do that?!


DANE C., Athlete

Especially if your serious about what your doing, there is no place that is more fit to make you meet your goals, and in all likelihood, surpass them. They have an amazing staff that is qualified and friendly, but as, if not more determined than you are. Hands down, the best place to develop and to find your true potential.

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UWE, Working Professional
Improved his hiking with strength training

I used to run a little and had no intention of joining a gym.Then I won  a 1 month unlimited Small Groups Training membership at Foundation in fall of 2011.  Asked about my goals I answered: "Delay the decay": My knees had started to hurt after moderate downhill hikes, I experienced period back pain,  my doctor had mentioned meds to lower blood pressure but agreed that I could try life style changes. After an evaluation the Foundation trainers put together a mobility program.  Towards the end of the month they included weights and kettle bells.  I liked the attention they paid to teaching the proper form of all exercises and getting clients ready to perform weight exercises only when save.  I've stayed with Foundation and keep on improving. I'm much stronger than when years ago.  I do lots of x-country (no trail) hiking and have no problem with my knees or back.  My doctor has not mentioned meds again.

The trainers at Foundation tailor the exercise programs to individual clients and goals. They then constantly make sure that exercises are performed in proper form.  They are always ready to answer questions,  explain exercises, or adapt training to goals changes.

Besides general health and fitness I'm interested in 'extreme' hiking. Some of the hikes that Foundation helped me prepare for with specific training plans: Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim in under 24h (~45 miles, 10,200ft elevation gain), 3-Peaks challenge (Mt. Baldy, San Gorgonio, San Jacinto) under 24h (~40 miles, 13,000ft elevation gain), improving my Cactus-to-Clouds (Palm Springs to San Jacinto, 23 miles, 10,400ft elevation gain) time, I've shaved off 45min on the tough lower 10 miles /8000ft climb.

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MARK, Collegiate Athlete 

Mark moved out to California from South Carolina to train with us last year. He was a very successful pole vaulter in college and decided to have a go at the professional ranks.

When we first met Mark, he told us he was already "pretty fit". The picture on the left was taken after the workout on day 1. He was unable to do much of the lifting in college due to a back issue. With some help from our physical therapist, we were able to fix the problem and get training underway.

By April, Mark had deadlifted 475lbs and jumped 17'10 (new personal best). And best of all, his back issue was completely gone.

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JEREMY, Student

Working with Foundation Strength + Conditioning has been a life-changing experience for me. Their methods, professional approach and motivational skills are nothing short of extraordinary.

I had no idea I could be this fit! They took me from a skinny 130 pound weakling to a buff and strong 155. I am just a normal guy- not a professional athlete like some of the guys they train- and I get to have a body like this. Wahoo!" —Jeremy

I started with Foundation Strength + Conditioning right before my junior year in high school. I was a tall skinny awkward pole vaulter who was not very strong, now after working with Foundation, I have grown into the California State Champion in pole vault, #2 in the country for high schoolers and #5 in the world for ages 15-16. Foundation has pushed me to become a better person and a stronger person who can get stuff done. Foundation is an awesome program and you should train here 🙂

The workouts designed by Foundation Strength + Conditioning are different each time. Each workout is specifically designed to help accomplish my long term goals by focusing on the individual exercises. Motivation is key and the people at Foundation keep your fitness goals squarely in sight to keep me moving in the right direction. I feel better now than I have in many years.

Foundation has something for everyone. If you're a high performance athlete looking to take it to the next level, looking to make your workouts more effective and efficient, getting back into shape, looking to become more healthy, or are in need of physical therapy and athletic rehab. 

Foundation Strength + Conditioning has the knowledge and know-how to get you fit while keeping workouts fun and exciting. Training with them, I was able to complete workouts containing exercises you won't ever be able to find in an every day gym. I never would have thought that I could flip a tractor tire that weighs almost three times my weight. Nor would I have thought I could squat twice my weight and then some.

Not only does Foundation have up to date knowledge regarding personal fitness, they also are knowledgeable about which exercises are needed to rehabilitate athletes and non-athletes alike. I was suffering from knee pain for years because of unequal muscle distribution. After two months of training with them my pain was gone and has been for four years. Which is more than I can say for the over-paid physical therapist I used to go to.

Great trainers! Great workouts! They do sports specific training as well as general strength and conditioning and you never have to worry about just being another person on the list of people they train that day. It definitely has that family feel to it!
Great result-. My maxes have at least doubled since I started working with them!